Operating Tips

Get the best results from your Rainbow Liquid Chalk Marker Pens.

Use on non-porous surfaces, blackboards, whiteboards, glass, metal, sealed ceramic tiles, perspex, laminated surfaces, enamel-painted surfaces, galvanised tin, mirrors or any sealed surface.

Shake the marker pen vigorously before each use until you hear the balls shake free, then continue to shake for several minutes until all contents are mixed thoroughly.

To first prime the nib for use, carefully pump and rock the nib on paper to release the liquid chalk until liquid has covered the nib. Do this at right angles to the ground and away from the writing surface to avoid dribbles and smudging. Continue working on paper until the pen writes a satisfactory line. Re-saturate the nib as necessary by repeatedly depressing the nib onto the upturned cap of the pen.

Do not touch writing for five minutes at room temperature. Always allow adequate drying time if placing boards out in wet weather. Chalk will be rainproof after one hour.

To remove the text or any part of it, simply wipe over firmly with a damp cloth.

When writing on rough or more porous surfaces, for example gritty blackboards, wipe the surface with a damp cloth, thus leaving a damp film of water, which will allow the pen to flow more easily.

Keep nibs and tops of pens clean. Wipe with a clean tissue after use.

Pen nibs can become ragged when used on rough surfaces. The felt nibs can be removed and reversed. If the nibs become clogged they can be removed and washed in clean water, dried and replaced.

Use a little household cleanser if ghosting occurs on some surfaces.

With the cap on, store pens side on or upright.

Always ensure the cap in on tight.

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